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Yo!  Gambol is a Wall-Hopping, Ceiling-Slapping jaunt of a platformer.  Light on narrative, slick on gameplay, Gambol is fast-paced and buttery smooth, entirely gameplay driven with very little narrative to get in the way.  Neat!

You play as Orange, the Gambol Gumball who is tasked with...  it doesn't really matter, it's an excuse to move the gameplay along.  And that gameplay?  It's awesome.  With 130 levels, 2400 collectibles, and a delicious triple jump that resets upon the colliding with any non-lethal surface, you'll be bouncing around like a kid on... eh, what do kids eat these days?  Crackers?  Do kids still eat crackers?  I don't think they make people hyper, but carbohydrates do provide longer term, slower burning energy than simple sugars, so that's probably a safe bet....  Crackers, yay!


- 130 levels of hot platforming action.  Oh my!
- Over 2400 Gold Triangles to collect.  They're not coins!  Woooo Weee!
- A generous Triple-Jump that is reset when colliding with any non-lethal surface.  Spikes'll kill ya!
- Fast, buttery smooth gameplay that is perfect for speed runners to practice and perfect. Are you listening Aweome Games Done Quick?  This game is here for ya!
- A neato original soundtrack by Andrew Lippens, coupled with a colorful aesthetic inspired by 90s cartoons.  Wowie
-Unlimited lives with a quick reset upon death.  We don't punish you for trying.  Go nuts!
-Customizable controls for both Gamepad and Keyboard!  If there is a movement option not possible that you require, hit me up, I'll see what I can do for you! <3

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Buy Now$2.96 USD or more

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